Introduction to Fashion Design

Introduction to Fashion Design


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March 10, 2023

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Course Description:

This short course is designed to provide an introduction to the exciting world of fashion design. You will learn the fundamental principles of fashion design, including the creative process, fashion history, and industry practices.

In this course, you will explore different design techniques, such as sketching and mood boards, to develop your own unique design ideas. You will learn about different types of fabrics, colors, and patterns, and how to use them to create a cohesive collection.

You will also gain an understanding of the fashion industry, including production processes, marketing, and branding. You will learn about different types of fashion designers and career options in the industry.

By the end of the course, you will have developed a basic understanding of fashion design, including the skills to create a mood board and design your own garment. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in fashion design or just want to explore your creative side, this course is an excellent starting point.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to fashion design
  2. The creative process
  3. Fashion history and trends
  4. Fabric, color, and pattern
  5. Sketching and illustration
  6. Mood boards and design development
  7. Garment construction techniques
  8. Industry practices and production processes
  9. Marketing and branding
  10. Career options in fashion design


There are no prerequisites for this course. However, it is recommended that students have a basic understanding of sewing and garment construction techniques. Some basic knowledge of drawing and design concepts would also be helpful.

Course Content

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  • Instructor : Eleanor Fant
  • Lectures : 4
  • Duration : 6 weeks
  • Enrolled : 20 students
  • Language : English
  • Assesment : Yes

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